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The Best Engine Type for Off-Roading near North Kansas City

Being off-road capable means more than just being able to handle a bit of dirt and mud. To us, it means being able to take on the most difficult trails out there. At Heartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM our Excelsior Springs car dealers and parts experts are no strangers to off-road capability and can help you find the engine type that will excel on the trail.

What makes a great off-road capable engine? Well, take one look at the Jeep family lineup and you’ll find an assortment of four-cylinders and V6s that all promise the same thing: off-road prowess. That said, there is more to an off-road-ready engine than the number of cylinders you tout beneath the hood.

At the center of the off-road capability, is not the engine type or its horsepower, but how much torque these engines put out. While a V6 or V8 is typically going to be much more powerful than any buzzing four-cylinder, it’s torque that decides who succeeds and fails on the trail. Why is torque so important? Well, torque is the amount of force that an engine expels, and can help you overcome particularly challenging off-road obstacles. So, an engine with a high low-end torque output is going to do a far better job at taking on the trail than a roaring V6 with a robust amount of horsepower. This is the exact reason why the Jeep SUV lineup is crowded with a variety of engine types, as it’s not the size of the engine, but the amount of torque that you have at your disposal.

Do you want to learn more about off-road capability? Well, our Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep parts experts can fill you in on everything you need to know. Whether you’re an off-road champ or a newcomer to the field, our team at Heartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM will help you take on the roughest trails without breaking a sweat.

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