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Our Top Off-Roading Recommendations Near Kansas City, MO

Few Jeep®, Dodge, RAM, or Chrysler dealerships in the Kansas City area understand off-roading quite like we do. At Heartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM we’re home to a team of parts experts who can give you everything you need to take on the great outdoors with relative ease.

For some of us, nothing compares to driving off the pavement and exploring the wilderness from the comfort of the driver’s seat. That said, not every vehicle is equipped to handle this kind of driving. Fortunately, you can make any car an off-road champ with some well-placed modifications.

One thing worth investing in is a lift-kit for your vehicle. In order to surmount obstacles, and take on the roughest terrain out there, you’ll need plenty of ground clearance to separate your undercarriage from the trail; you can make this possible by installing a lift kit. While not the only feature crucial to off-roading it serves a defining factor for a number of off-road vehicles.

Another thing to consider is skid plates. Skid plates are placed beneath your vehicle as a form of protection from scraping your vehicle against the terrain. Just like how ground clearance keeps your undercarriage out of harm's way, skid plates can be put in place to protect your undercarriage from bumps and rocks in the path.

The last component on our list of off-road modifications is the tires. Tires are central to the performance of any vehicle, but having a solid set of off-road tires can truly make the difference in your off-roading experience. Far more durable, with a deeper tread, off-road tires are ready for any terrain, and won’t hesitate in the face of any obstacle.

Regardless if you are the proud owner of an off-road-ready Jeep Wrangler or want to transform your current vehicle into an outdoor trekker, our Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep parts team have got you covered. At Heartland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we’ll prepare both you and your vehicle to be true rugged adventurers.

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