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Are You Aware of These Common Road Hazards?

Driving has its risks, but it’s part of life for most Americans. You can mitigate the risks, though, by being cognizant of the possible dangers, some of which may surprise you. Learn to recognize these common road hazards.

Inclement weather is one of the most common threats on the road. Most people know to slow down when driving during rain. However, you need to be especially careful during fall and late summer rain. During a long dry spell, oil accumulates and bakes into the roads. The rain brings the oil back to the surface, creating a slippery road.

Another hazard is fog, which you can expect more of as the autumn approaches. Check the forecast ahead of time and avoid driving during foggy weather if possible. If you must, follow the lights of surrounding vehicles and use them to gauge distance as best you can.

Risks aren’t just limited to external hazards. Your own car may be a risk to yourself and other motorists if it experiences trouble, such as a blown tire, or the power steering gives out. To your vehicle is running properly, make an appointment at our auto service center near Kansas City, MO. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car trouble accounts for 2% of all collisions. That may not seem like a high figure, but why make it a factor when it’s easily preventable with a simple appointment?

Please stop by Heartland Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM before the end of summer. New models like the 2019 Dodge Journey have a total of seven airbags, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and Electronic Roll Mitigation, keeping you safe wherever you go. These safety features aren’t a substitute for alert driving, but they give you greater peace of mind.

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